A3 White Toner Printer (Chemical & Heat Transfer) CMYW

UP860WT CMYW A3 Printer

    • Transfer prints onto glass, ceramic and any metal with a dishwasher safe durability.
    • Transfer prints onto all plastics, coated or non-coated wood and any rough surface.
    • Transfer prints onto any textile with a durability of up to 50 machine washes.
    • Produces more white than any other white toner printer on the market today due to our upgrade
    • Able to transfer onto canvas with heat transfer or chemical transfer (New brighter finish)
    • Brand onto almost any product imaginable with chemical or heat transfer
    • Brighter white on all promotional items.
  • Brands on standard products using our patented chemical transfer technology(No limitations to what you can brand)
  • Can brand on glaze mugs and any sublimation product
  • 1 printer that can do everything
  • This is an original White toner printer, not a CMYK converted to CMYW(No more density issues!)

PS: Our software has a costing feature! Determine your cost and profit with ease.

Additional information

Weight 40 kg