Our Story

20 Years Ago

We were Dip Printers, providing solutions to multiple industries.

Our Clients

Constantly asked if we could brand regular images and logos onto products, and, this got us thinking… “how can we create a solution that will allow us to brand any image onto any surface?”

Enter Richard Steinbach

With a background in engineering, Richard Steinbach created a solution that allowed him to meet this need.

The process

By removing the fuser unit of a laser printer and creating a new carrier system to facilitate alternative papers, Richard created a world’s first patented Chemical Transfer printing process!

His solution allows unfused toner to pass through our printers, which can then be applied to products by hand without them having to fit in a special machine.

These images are then transferred onto a product with non-aggressive chemicals. This revolutionised the way we do business.

The demand for our services grew so incredibly that we eventually had to make a decision, either scale-up our operations or transition into providing our chemical transfer printing technology to other businesses.

With such great demand for an all-in-one solution, “UPrint” was born and the term “chemical-transfer” added to human vocabulary.

Like Father like Son!

In 2015 Richard’s son, Jordan, joined the family business and has worked to bring a modern approach to the business operations.

With a team of dedicated staff, UPrint has grown as a business and served clients all over the world with original printing technology.

We aim to continually push the envelope with unique and innovative solutions.