Automated DIY Pad Press

Automated DIY Pad Press with no WET INKS

Imagine the possibilities transferring a full colour graphic plus white in ONE PRESS.

Due to the soft silicone pad the press can push your artwork into a rough or dimpled surface like a golf ball.
Make sure you own Uprint’s pro860wt or U600 printer to  use this pad press

Automated DIY Pad Press

Transform your printing capabilities with UPrint’s innovative pad press combined with a dry ink printer. This advanced method allows you to brand on various surfaces in full color without wet inks.

     Key Features:

  • Versatile Printing: Print on mugs, glass, stainless steel, plastics, wood (coated/uncoated), and more.
  • High Durability: Our patented Chemical Transfer process ensures long-lasting prints on any shape or size.
  • No Sublimation Needed: Direct branding without the need for sublimation products.
  • High Capacity: Brand up to thousands of products per month with one printer.
  • Efficient and Fast: No wet inks, no drying heads, and lightning-fast production speeds.
  • In-House Branding: Ideal for manufacturers and printing companies looking to add value and expand capabilities.
  • Online Training Support: Get assistance via WhatsApp 
  • Chat GPT AI support bot: Get assistance from one of the worlds best AI support systems.

Scale up your printing business with UPrint’s printer, papers, chemicals, and pad press. Request a quote today!